my Bag

    Because I´m deeply interested to know what other photographers are using and how is their way of work, I would like to present what´s in my bag and what´s the stuff I´m working with.

    Beside that – the best stuff is the one in your pocket!

    My all day companion is my iPhone 8+ – great IQ, great apps for adjusting, Just got the Moment case and some Moment lenses – really great stuff. Review will follow!
    Together with the DJI OSMO mobile 2 – review will follow – unbeatable.
    BUT – for low light, changing of lenses, shallow depth of field – it´s definitely not the best choice. Even having said that as just as an excuse for my GAS (gear acquiring syndrome) I made my way trough different brands and even sensor sizes.
    Having started analog with Rolleiflex, then Canon and finally Nikon – please also have a look to the history section if your´e interested in such stuff, I stopped photography as my first son was born and completely switched to video (S-VHS at that time). Baby grew up, next baby came – switched to Hi8, unfortunately at that time (the 90 ties) the quality of home made videos was terrible compared with the quality of pictures which were on par with professionals.
    As digital photography was more than just a keyword I switched to my first digital camera – Agfa at 2001.
    Since then I spent thousands of  € to find the perfect camera – just recognizing that´s impossible.

    Just visited my preferred camera store in Vienna (Blende 7, Westbahnstraße) and bought the Sony A7iii and some lenses.

    Now I´m here and photography again has become one of my main (private) interests.


    Professional and Semi-Professional Stuff

    My more professional camera gear (as I´m considering it even as an amateur) for years/decades was Nikon - it´s time has gone.

    I´m now owning the Sony A7iii - for me the perfect choice in regard to performance, size and price.

    Especially the Autofocus is outstanding and never were disappointing so far (never missed the spot).

    The lenses I use are some primes - from Sony.

    In regard to light, I switched from Hensel and Nissin to Godox - really great stuff, High Speed, easy to fire off camera also.



    Small Sized / Weight - Every Day

    First of all my iPhone 8+ - great iQ very versatile. Together with the DJI Osmo2 Gimbal or my new Movi - great for filming to. Want to recommend FilmicPro as it is the best movie app for me!

    • ProCamera – for taking pictures (I´ve replaced the normal iPhone Camera App by that).
    • Instant – for making my beloved Polaroids (via a Canon Selphy 900 printer usin Canon iEPP app)
    • PS Express – for adapting and formatting my pics

    Next - Sony RX100 V - it´s great (for taking pics and filming), it´s small (in regard to size) and the technique is superb!

    Underwater / Outdoor Equimpment - for rough conditions

    For outdoor/underwater photography needs I do use a Sony FX2000 and the Olympus Tough TG-5.

    Gear´s History

    Mirrorless - History:


    • Fuji X-H1
    • Fuji X-T2
    • Fuji X-E3
    • Fuji X-T20
    • Sony A7ii

    DSLR - History:

    My Nikon´s and other´s history in reverse chronological sequence:

    • Nikon D610
    • Nikon D3
    • Nikon D800
    • Nikon D2x
    • Nikon D200
    • Nikon D70
    • Nikon F4s
    • Nikon F801
    • Nikon F600
    • Nikon F501
    • Minolta XD500
    • Canon AE1
    • Rolleiflex SL35

    Nikon Lenses from 14mm to 300 - all 2.8, some glasses with 1.4

    • Several Nikon Flashes (SB900, SB600)
    • Manfrotto tripod and Really right stuff bullhead
    • Hensel Porty for mobile needs and Integra-heads for indoor shootings.
    • Hensel Integra (3 heads and light formers)
    • Lowepro AW300 Vertex and a Kata 3N1-33

    This gear never disappointed me in case of availability or functionality to express my mood in pics!

    Bridge Cameras:

    Sony RX10iv

    Sony RX10

    Both are great cameras but unfortunately I was missing their soul / personality - might be hard to understand.


    Compact - History:

    • Sony RX100 II
    • Nikon P330
    • Canon S110
    • Fuji X10
    • Nikon P7000
    • Panasonic Lumix LX3
    • Panasonic Lumix TZ-10 
    • Nikon P5100
    • Minolta X50